Photos by Kenneth Clizbe

Photos by Kenneth Clizbe


2010 Cave Diving

Updated: Mar 06, 2010 6:51am PST

Dive Rite 2009

Updated: Sep 15, 2009 7:18am PST

2009 Cave Diving

Updated: Mar 08, 2009 8:55am PST

Flathead Lake & Wildhorse Island

Updated: Feb 14, 2009 6:44pm PST

2008 Cave Diving

Florida offers some of the best cave diving in the world.

Updated: Dec 03, 2008 10:16am PST

3rd Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest

Updated: Oct 12, 2008 6:39pm PST

Dad's Truck

Updated: Jun 22, 2008 12:15pm PST

My Smug Mug

My wife/model, Bonnie, and I spend our summer and fall in Montana divi ...

Updated: Mar 18, 2008 4:45pm PST

Dogs of our life

Pets of our friends and family

Updated: Feb 18, 2008 8:29pm PST